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  • Infrared Lab Conveyor Oven
    This unit was designed to heat small parts.  The temperature range is between 150-300 degrees F.  Features top down heat with a 24″ heated area, 4″ wide stainless steel conveyor belt, and runs at 1-6 inches/min.  
  • October Update
    IST offers a variety of floor tile and counter top heaters in various voltages to reactivate tile and counter top adhesives.  Contact us today for more information.  

Infrared Solutions & Technologies, LLC is a supplier of electric infrared heaters and oven systems. Infrared Solutions offers a variety of electric infrared heaters and control concepts which can be incorporated into our ovens utilizing, medium-wave, short-wave and long-wave heaters. In addition we provide consulting services to help customers determine which method of heating is correct for their process. We have years of experience designing and selling heating equipment of all styles including electric infrared, gas infrared, convection or combinations of convection and infrared. Infrared Solutions is a leading manufacturer of electric infrared heaters, also called IR or Radiant heaters, for industrial process heating applications. Infrared Solutions also offers the design and manufacture of custom controls, frameworks, and complete oven systems to complement the heaters.

All of our infrared heaters and ovens are tailored for each application. We build top quality and energy efficient infrared heaters and ovens. Call us so we can help you meet your needs. Call us today!

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